A hatha-vinyasa hybrid, these classes emphasize alignment & technique to build pose familiarity & proficiency.  Expect posture break-downs & drills, highlighting anatomy and proper alignment. This slower-paced class is ideal for beginners but equally appropriate for more experienced students looking to refine their practice. Expect to leave feeling strong, stretched & empowered.


Traditionally called “Vinyasya” or “Flow,” this style of yoga links breath with movement. The Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara), defines the flow, forming the foundation of the class. Each movement is timed on an inhale or exhale, lending to a fluid, dynamic experience which builds heat in the body to tone and transform. Instructors will offer cues for modification and amplification of postures, empowering students on their unique asana journeys.  Expect to move & sweat.



Traditionally called “Yin Yoga”, these classes include passive & deep postures that are held for several minutes to safely target the connective & soft tissues of the joints.  Perfect to practice on days when you need extra grounding or when your body is tired, stiff or sore.  Our PAUSE classes are lit by candlelight & begin by bringing a little movement into the body before settling into the longer held yin postures.  You will leave feeling lengthened & relaxed.